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Studio updates.

Making Goals of Creativity

Goals are never easy. They are something we aspire to have yet sometimes are never more than simply that: aspirations. I've been incredibly busy but I have made a goal to post a new album (or add to an existing album) every week and update the blog weekly. 

I try to enhance my creativity by coming up with new ideas and different series. Colors, stories and subjects are all going to change. I want to expand my horizons as a photographer and do something new and never seen before. It's time for me to reinvent the wheel and create something different. I am going to learn people's stories. I want to make something memorable for people because I want to make their stories memorable.

Those are my goals. I want to create a different kind of creativity never created before. Make sense? 

My major for school has now changed to Photography, with a minor in Journalism. This will give me more opportunities to learn this strange craft of a camera and making something beautiful not only to the eye but to the mind and soul.